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Capaldev Big Essay Database is a free resource for people interested in information about art schools, design schools, art degrees, and art careers. Find art schools or design colleges that can help you realize your dream.

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Get Free Art Schools Information! Research online design schools or design schools in your area. The schools and colleges offer free information about art degrees and certificates, at no cost or obligation to you. Research art schools and design schools now.

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Information and advice about careers such as graphic design, web design, fashion design, and many more rewarding art careers.

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Look in our articles section for art salaries information, advice about working as a freelance artist, tapping into your creativity, and other topics. We’ve also have assembled fun and useful artist resources in our menu on the left.

Art Education
Do you enjoy the creative process? Do you enjoy all art forms? More importantly, would you like to teach children or adults about art? Art education majors prepare to teach students to appreciate art or teach a future famous artist! (As well as strengthen the role that art and art education plays in our society). As an art education major, you will take many of the same classes as other art majors such as drawing, painting, art history etc. You will also take courses that teach you how to become a teacher such as elementary education, child psychology, and another education-related curriculum.

Art/Fine Art
Art major or fine art major is a general name for an area of study that spans many art disciplines such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, book arts, jewelry making, sculpture, pottery, creative writing, design, music, and theater studio lighting and design. Fine arts majors take many of the same foundation art classes plus taking classes in the desired specialty (e.g., painting). There are many career opportunities for fine artists as an independent artist that sells his/her work through a gallery or by the commission. Many industries employ visual and performing fine artists such as film, theater, publishing, advertising, and many more.


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